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The SWANU Central Committee

Hon. Usutuaije Maamberua, MP with President Pohamba

Head of State talks to SWANU delegation

SWANU delegation visits State House

Consultative Meeting at Tauben Glen in Hochland Park

SWANU Veteran and National Hero Cde. Hitjevi Veii

SWANU Cadres at Tabitha Centre

Swanu President address CC

Cadres at a SWANU Birthday Event


Welcome to SWANU of Namibia

Welcome to SWANU of Namibia, the country’s first political party. Learn more about one of Namibia’s leading parties, starting with our Mission, Vision and Core Values:

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values.

SWANU Launches Manifesto, Campaign Flyer and Presidential Candidate

On July 19th, 2014, SWANU led all Namibian political parties in launching its Socialist Manifesto for the 2014 Elections. The party also used the occasion to announce Hon. Usutuaije Maamberua, MP as its Presidential Candidate, as well as launching its campaign flyer. You can download all three items here:

  1. SWANU President’s Profile
  2. SWANU Socialist Manifesto for 2014 Elections
  3. SWANU 2014 Election Campaign Flyer

Here’s to setting the pace for other parties and taking our rightful place at the helm of Namibian politics.